David Bird


United Kingdom resident, Dave Bird, is among the most prolific anti-religious hate mongers on the internet. While claiming to be a civil libertarian and defender of free speech, his actions – and writings – are those of someone dedicated to destroying the rights of others.

May 27, 1999

“You do not *NEED* freedom of religion. You do not *NEED* religion: it is deranged shite. Everyone would be better without it.”

November 5, 2000

“A society without religion is like a maniac without a chainsaw.”

Of no known address or occupation, Bird appears to spend the vast majority of his time on newsgroups urging other anti-religious extremists to harass parishioners and their Churches. He was one of the first to create a website designed to degrade and ridicule the religious beliefs of Scientologists, and followed this by taking his hatred to the streets.

Bird has organized and participated in numerous hate marches against Scientology churches and their parishioners in the U.K. He often appears carting a bullhorn and “boom box” which he uses to intimidate parishioners and disrupt Church services. His hatred for religious people even extends to encouraging the boycotting of parishioners’ businesses for no other reason than their religious affiliation.

June 30, 1997

“Publish the details of enterprises owned by these southern baptist loons. Let’s go picket outside, boycott them, lose them trade, try to shut THEM down.”

Bird’s rhetoric is often violent in nature and seemingly intended to incite violence in others.

July 12, 1997

“I don’t reccomend [sic] this, but what is accessible to local headbangers is to drive by and lob a stick of dynamite and/or a can of petrol through the window. I can’t see headbangers obtaining and rigging more sophisticated stuff for the first time (nor “professional” terrorists who know how making weapons for private disputes). Bigger bangs are possible, but why set out to damage neighbouring bldgs?”

June 21, 2001

“There is only one certain way to stop murder in the USA: wipe out every living human in the USA (and stop others from going/returning there). Should we do it?”

Like other extremists chronicled on this site, Bird’s appearance on the anti-religious scene in 1995 was sudden and apparently unprovoked. He quickly allied himself with an assortment of internet extremists, some of whom had prior brushes with the law, some with a history of violence. While appearing to be well-educated, he moves from place to place, often living off the generosity of others. His obvious efforts to guard his own privacy, while violating that of others, leaves one wondering what this man’s true agenda is – and if his questionable lifestyle is due to a shady background that he is attempting to conceal.