Michelle Sterling

Michelle Sterling alliance with hate group to destroy Free Speech on the Internet

Recent information received by Religious Freedom Watchshows that Michelle Anne Sterling, from Melbourne Australia, conspired with the cyber-hate group Anonymous to DDoS Religious Freedom Watch.

Michelle Sterling and Anonymous succeeded to take RFW down for several days. She also participated in the DDoS attack of the official Scientology site.

Michelle Sterling is known to frequent hate chat rooms using the moniker “emmma”.

The chat log below unequivocally shows Michelle Sterling inciting Anonymous to commit a criminal act, while telling them that officially she will not be supporting them. Sterling then persuades Anonymous to hit Religious Freedom Watch offering her help to do so.

Anonymous then executed the DDoS attack and brought down Religious Freedom Watch.

Sterling’s IP addresses, and that of her criminal cohorts, were recorded during the DDoS attack and the information is being turned over to law enforcement.

Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individuals who breed racism and anti-religious intolerance through hate speech.

From chat sessions between Michelle Sterling (emmma) and Anonymous:

[Jan/22/08 - 04:02] * Joins: emmma`` (exscn@desu-14232769.chirn1.vic.optusnet.com.au)
[Jan/22/08 - 04:02] <Croissantman> I am awesome
[Jan/22/08 - 04:02] <Croissantman> nuff said
[Jan/22/08 - 04:02] <Haywire> what is this silence?
[Jan/22/08 - 04:03] <ColonelCockslap> I need a status report
[Jan/22/08 - 04:03] <emmma“> hello anons
[Jan/22/08 - 04:03] <LamontCranston> uh oh, emmma“ sounds important
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] * Quits: torbjorn (torbjorn@desu-C7AEF41A.dsl.snantx.swbell.net) (Quit: torbjorn)
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <emmma“> not really
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <Croissantman> ahahaha
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <hinges> hi emmma“
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <Croissantman> http://youtube.com/watch?v=EFKaLfs68Sk
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <emmma“> hi hinges
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <LamontCranston> hey you’re in victoria emma, interested in IRL raid?
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <hinges> emmma“: don’t be afraid if I rape you
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <hinges> that’s just the nigger way
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <emmma“> i’m the webmaster at ESMB
[Jan/22/08 - 04:04] <James_P_Sylvan> TNB
[Jan/22/08 - 04:05] <hinges> I’m still gonna rape you :)

[Jan/22/08 - 04:10] <ruddkipz> emma you must help us

[Jan/22/08 - 04:12] <emmma“> I’m all for you guys and what you are doing

[Jan/22/08 - 04:15] <Freud> make the motherfuckers regret that they woke up this morning
[Jan/22/08 - 04:15] <emmma“> It’;s our intenrtion too

[Jan/22/08 - 04:15] <Freud> emmma“ well you just got the most powerfull ally ont he intarweb

[Jan/22/08 - 04:15] <ihatecrayons> but emmma“, if scientology starts harassing you, you know where to find us
[Jan/22/08 - 04:15] <emmma“> thanks guys

[Jan/22/08 - 04:18] <emmma“> I just want you guyts to know that PUBLICALLY I can’t support you…

[Jan/22/08 - 06:15] <emmma“> if there is website you guys should hit is that religious freedom watch site

[Jan/22/08 - 06:18] <emmma“> if you took that down you’d be adored
[Jan/22/08 - 06:18] <Tigor> k
[Jan/22/08 - 06:18] <Tigor> back on the laptop
[Jan/22/08 - 06:19] <emmma“> I’d help with that one!
[Jan/22/08 - 06:19] <emmma“> what do i do?

[Jan/22/08 - 06:19] <Jon> i dont think its owned by scientology

[Jan/22/08 - 06:19] <emmma“> It’s “owned” by Joel Phillips
[Jan/22/08 - 06:19] <UltraNigger> looks like a good target

[Jan/22/08 - 06:20] * Anondelivers is now known as ElBaldo
[Jan/22/08 - 06:20] <ElBaldo> arrest me mtherfckers
[Jan/22/08 - 06:20] * []Kikkoman is now known as Advocate_of_Painful_Death

[Jan/22/08 - 06:20] <emmma“> check the enrty on dave touretzky
[Jan/22/08 - 06:21] <Freud> reward5000@earthlink.net GOATSE THAT EMAIL!!!

[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Anonz> Setting off Webclaw DDos. Forgot about that…
[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Levo75> Jesus666
[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Jesus666> yes
[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Levo75> Are you well enough informed?
[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Levo75> Do you have the ddos tools?
[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Jesus666> yup
[Jan/22/08 - 10:23] <Jesus666> yeah lots of tools lol

[Jan/22/08 - 11:57] <Splongcat> I’m preparing for a dDoS on the website.
[Jan/22/08 - 11:57] <Anondelivers> keep DDoSing scientologists
[Jan/22/08 - 11:57] <Anondelivers> we dont have time for all religions

[Jan/22/08 - 12:07] <LOL_WUT> www.religiousfreedomwatch.org - DDoS nao
[Jan/22/08 - 12:07] <PatternKat> IN MY EYTES
[Jan/22/08 - 12:07] <hurpydurp> So, what is happening now, my children
[Jan/22/08 - 12:08] <Anonymoot> I’m using my neighbours wireless

[Jan/22/08 - 12:08] <Splongcat> Attack is starting
[Jan/22/08 - 12:08] <Splongcat> Raid pack is ready
[Jan/22/08 - 12:08] <Splongcat> http://rapidshare.com/files/85780905/AIDS3.rar.html
[Jan/22/08 - 12:08] <Splongcat> Get it

[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <jewlion> in b4 teh file is corrupted

[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <Splongcat> Go for that. we’re nuking down the morans that think they can bounty us

[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <Splongcat> http://rapidshare.com/files/85780905/AIDS3.rar.html

[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <Splongcat> Go go go
[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <Splongcat> Destroy attack die
[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <Splongcat> Everyone
[Jan/22/08 - 12:09] <Splongcat> we dDoS now.
[Jan/22/08 - 12:10] <SuicideUnit3351> WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

[Jan/22/08 - 12:11] <Splongcat> We attack now

[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <Freud> http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/media-newsroom/5000-reward/ its wodn1

[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <Testicles> aids on religiousfreedomwatch or scientology?

[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <hinges> just attack

[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <Splongcat> Attack
[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <Interwabs-hero> im attacking without a proxy anyway
[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <Splongcat> NOW
[Jan/22/08 - 12:12] <Anonymoot> ALREADY DEAD?

[Jan/22/08 - 12:13] <Interwabs-hero> we’re winning
[Jan/22/08 - 12:13] <Splongcat> Nuked.
[Jan/22/08 - 12:13] <LOL_WUT> www.religiousfreedomwatch.org is no moar
[Jan/22/08 - 12:13] <qwerty123> it must stay down

[Jan/22/08 - 12:14] <Splongcat> This is the power of anonymous

[Jan/22/08 - 12:14] <psyop> 100 people DDoSing a host when 70 suffices means that 30 DDoSers are going to waste

[Jan/22/08 - 12:15] <qwerty123> we nuked them, WIN WIN WIN WIN

[Jan/22/08 - 12:15] <Frankeh> RFW down already?! I lol’d.

[Jan/22/08 - 12:15] <LOL_WUT> it’s down, no matter

[Jan/22/08 - 12:16] <Coopsta> lol religuosfreedom took all of 30 secs to DDos

[Jan/22/08 - 12:21] <html> The server at www.religiousfreedomwatch.org is taking too long to respond.

[Jan/22/08 - 12:21] <Splongcat> Someone digg the fact we just nuked it down
[Jan/22/08 - 12:21] <Freud> we are on top

[Jan/22/08 - 12:23] <Splongcat> “Anonymous nukes down the http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/media-newsroom/5000-reward/ website.”

[Jan/22/08 - 12:24] <Frankeh> I’m just going to put this out there, but I don’t think we should advertise that we are taking out semi-innocent sites. I mean we want to keep the Diggers on our side. I just don’t think that will, no matter how cool it was, show us in our best light.