Jim Beebe was a member of the old Cult Awareness Network in Chicago until, due to the illegal acts of its “deprogrammers,” CAN was shut down and entirely reformed.

Describing Jim Beebe as an anti-religious extremist is an understatement, for the lies and vicious rhetoric he uses to incite hatred on the internet exceeds extremism.

For example, on November 12, 2000 he suggested a survey to find out how many Mormons “actually wear the secret, sacred underwear.”

He once told one person whom he thought was Mormon that he felt “sorry for her because in her Mormon afterlife she will be one of many celestial wives who will be trapped with a male God for eternity.” He then continued to say “I challenge anyone to get into a discussion with a Mormon missionary and tell me that they are not brainwashed.”

In a letter to an Editor he wrote: “The Mormons, underneath a very slick, family oriented facade, have a very dark side.”

Beebe is an avid contributor to a hate newsgroup frequented by extremists, some of whom have committed violent acts. In recent discussions on that newsgroup, Bebbe did not hesitate to exploit the tragedy at the World Trade Center by posting messages filled with religious hatred, apparently hoping to create further violence in America’s cities.