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Cisar & Thomas Gandow
in Leipzig, Germany

Joseph Cisar became active in the anti-religious extremist movement in 1997 when he suddenly began posting hate propaganda to an extremist newsgroup, making outrageous accusations against the Church and participating in hate marches in front of Church buildings.

Cisar left Germany in the late 1950s when his father moved the family to the U.S. because he worked for an intelligence agency.

Cisar now attacks two prominent social betterment programs. These are Narconon, dedicated to rehabilitating drug addicts, and Criminon, which rehabilitates convicted criminals.

From his first postings to an anti-religious newsgroup, Cisar has been a strong supporter of the German government’s policies of discrimination against religious minorities – policies that have been decried by the U.S. State Department and the United Nations, as a violation of basic human rights.