Mark Dallara has made numerous threats on the Internet to parishioners of various faiths as well as anti-abortion groups and public officials.

He advocates violence against those he disagrees with and, in one of the Internet postings below, rhapsodizes about his desire to blow off the heads of innocent campers with a shotgun.

Following is a sampling of his Internet writings. Please be advised these contain obscene language.

Mark Dallara Regarding The Virgin Mary Apparition:

*”What, no discussion about the Clearwater apparition? And from a rational human standpoint, it’s just an optical pattern on glass panes and all those clogging U.S. 19 to get a look are f***ing idiots. Traffic is jammed up in both directions around the Drew Street, because all those hyper-religious lemmings are making a pilgrimage to worship a window. What complete and utter a**holes” – Mark Dallara*