Vickki Ford Cook

Vickki Ford Cook appears on this site at the request of her son, George Ford. In 2001, Ford Cook began a campaign to embarrass and discredit the Church of Scientology, with the excuse that she wanted to “get her son back”, a respected staff member. For 11 years prior, Ford Cook and her husband, David, had been members of the Church. However they had also been engaged in activities that were not living up to the ethical standards required by the Church, and once this was discovered, rather than fully cleaning up their act as requested of them, they choose to be expelled by the Church, and then use the excuse of the son wanting to stay in Scientology to blame the Church for their situation.

According to George Ford’s letter, it wasn’t until Vickki and David Cook rescinded their membership in the Church, that they began hounding him to leave. Mr. Ford is 25 years old, happily married for several years, with a responsible career which he enjoys very much. When he refused to “abandon my wife, my church, my career, my home, my friends and my way of life and live with her in Georgia” Vickki began to spread false allegations about her son and the Scientology religion, hoping to force the issue.