Michael Pattinson

Michael Pattinson is a former member of the Church of Scientology, now an apostate. In collusion with former attorney, Graham Berry (who chose to have his state bar license suspended for nine months in settlement of charges against him by the California State Bar) Pattinson entered into civil litigation against the Church in an apparent attempt to force the Church to pay him money. His capacity for dishonesty and harassing conduct is demonstrated by his filing and pursuing a frivolous claim.

Pattinson left the Church in 1996 after being interviewed regarding an unchanging pattern of unethical behavior. His conduct during this interview was so rancorous that he later offered a written apology. Regardless, a year later, after having made the acquaintance of anti-religious extremist, Graham Berry, declared a “vexatious litigant” by a California court for repeatedly pursuing harassing litigation against the Church, Pattinson filed a criminal complaint against the Church which was dismissed by the State Attorney with the following statement:

“The State Attorney’s office cannot prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt due to several reasons. First, the victim faxed an apology to both defendants for his irrational behavior during the meeting. The apology did not reference the false imprisonment or any restraint whatsoever. Secondly, there are no independent eye witnesses, physical evidence or admissions by the defendants to support the victim’s testimony. Thirdly, the victim reported this crime nearly one year after the event. The victim is clearly biased in his current efforts to sue the Church of Scientology for $150,000. Finally, the facts presented by the victim regarding the amount of restraint used by the defendants is insufficient to secure a conviction for false imprisonment.”