Peterson has been investigated for sending various derogatory and threatening letters to the Scientology community in Clearwater, Florida. Many of these letters were sent to the Church and its parishioners using the Church’s own business reply envelopes and false return addresses. One anonymous letter threatened to detonate plastic explosives on Church property. United States Postal authorities contacted and warned Peterson that his activities are a violation of federal law, United States Code Sections 844 and 876, and that further incidents would result in investigation and possible referral to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

According to the affidavit a former wife, Peterson is a transvestite with a history of male prostitution. Peterson promotes both his sexual preferences and his anti-religious hate campaign on the internet under the identity “Exile49.” Following is a sample of messages Peterson has posted to an anti-religious newsgroup denigrating and sexually harassing parishioners and church staff:

From: Exile49 
Subject: Re: *Plonk* the Bitch [name removed]
Date: 1997/08/10

I wouldn't *PLONK* the bitch but that is only because
I have a fantasy involving leather lingerie and 5"
heels. Ahhh the temptation of the evil scieno girls is
hard for me to ignore. Often I dream of walking by the
[church] at night and seeing figures clad in seductive,
revealing gowns leaning out of the windows trying to
tempt me from my duty. Oh, the red lips and mascara,
the blush and the eyshadow - and those are just the
   The Exile