Patty Pieniadz a.k.a. Cerridwen


Patty Pieniadz posts to a hate group on the Internet as “Cerridwen” and other pseudonyms. She has no other purpose in life than to spend countless hours posting the names of Scientologists with the intention of making them targets of a harassment campaign, which has caused acts of violence against individual parishioners and Churches.

Why is Pieniadz attacking the people she used to call friends? Simply stated, time after time she betrayed her friends who tried to help her. Pieniadz apparently has decided to make believe that she is the victim of someone else’s wrongdoing, yet she is ignoring how many friends she ripped off.

The following are just a few examples:

Pieniadz worked for a company and at her request, Pieniadz was allowed to put personal charges totaling about $10,000 on the company credit cards on the promise that she would make the monthly payments until the cards were paid off. Not only did Pieniadz betray her friends by not making the agreed upon payments but she stuck them with thousands and thousands of dollars in interest charges and late fees, not to mention affecting the company’s credit rating. (1990)

Pieniadz borrowed $12,250 from another friend, agreeing to make monthly payments until the debt was paid in full and again breaking her promise without paying the money back. (1990)

In 2000, Pieniadz was in serious need of help. Her husband had reportedly lost about $20,000 gambling.