British citizen Roland Rashleigh-Berry is among the most virulent extremists in the anti-religious movement. In his postings to internet newsgroups he writes with enthusiasm about the killing of religious people and believes that all religions should be targeted for eradication.

October 30, 1998
“All religion is a scam.”

May 7, 2001
“We need to rid the world of superstition and especially the mind-numbing disease called religion.”

September 12, 2001
“In terms of it’s best to slaaughter [sic] all religious adherents – yes – I agree.”

December 13, 2001
“I HATE religions. I invite YOU to HATE THEM TOO. Find out the harm they have done in the world. Christianity in the past. Islam now. Read all about it and maybe YOU TOO will HATE THEM like I do.”

Rashleigh-Berry has a history of advocating violence against religious groups. In July, 1997, he discussed on an internet newsgroup the use of letter bombs to blow up Churches of Scientology. In 1998 he suggested a new religion called “Kill the Klams” (meaning Scientology parishioners). He stated:“It is perfectly okay to go up to a Scientologist and kill them.”

He also wrote in July 1997: “There are plenty of nutters who know how to make letter bombs. The addresses of the [derogatory name for  Scientology churches] are on the internet. I reckon it will only be a matter of days before the letter bombs end up in the [derogatory name for  Scientology churches] in-trays. > Watch the news.”

Rashleigh-Berry routinely participates in hate marches against Scientology Churches and their parishioners. He then boasts about his activities over the Internet to other extremists, encouraging them to commit similar acts.

Christianity is a long-time target of Rashleigh-Berry’s hatred:

January 8, 2000
“I went through a very bad time with Christianity trying to make sense of it when I was young. I prayed a lot but it didn’t get me anywhere.”