Ward  is another copyright infringer who has been paid to attack the Church of Scientology.

Ward is a computer programmer with a history of demonstrating his disrespect for the rights of others. In 1989, he was one of the suspects in the FBI investigation of the theft of important source code from Ward’s employer, Apple Computers. The case remains unsolved. In 1994, Ward publicly claimed credit for having distributed a National Security Agency employee handbook over the internet. He boasted that he committed this act to embarrass the agency.

In 1995, Ward began harassing the Church of Scientology. He posted copies of unpublished, copyrighted Church scriptures on the Internet and then taunted the Church to take him to court. The U.S. federal court in San Jose, California, immediately entered a temporary restraining order against him.

During the court case, Ward made postings to an internet newsgroup that referring to the Judge and opposing counsel in derogatory terms. These obscene internet postings earned him the ire of the Judge who referred to Ward’s postings as “disgusting.”

Despite Ward’s efforts to obstruct proceedings and divert the court from the real issues, when confronted with the evidence of his copyright infringements, and imminent trial, Ward quickly conceded. On September 11, 1998, the court handed down a $3,000,000 judgment against Ward. In lieu of the full amount, the copyright holder agreed to allow Ward to pay $200 per month for the rest of his life so long as he refrains from any further violations of Scientology copyrights or trademarks. Should he commit such a violation in future, the full $3,000,000 fine goes into effect.

Ward was supported financially during his copyright infringement case and for several years after that through payments funneled through several individuals under the pretense that these monies were for Ward’s children. It is this financial support that allows Ward to continue his hate activities on the internet where he attacks the Church of Scientology and its parishioners via internet newsgroups and chat channels and by participating in hate demonstrations.