Sten-Arne Zerpe


Swedish citizen, Sten-Arne Zerpe is a sworn anti-religious and anti-American extremist.

Zerpe routinely posts to an Internet newsgroup frequented by individuals dedicated to the destruction of religion, some of whom promote and engage in violent acts. Zerpe is a strong supporter of convicted hate criminal, Keith Henson, a fugitive from American justice currently living in Canada.

Per his own Internet writings, Zerpe believes that “Religion is for deluded uneducated morons.” (September 18, 2001). His often violent rhetoric is targeted at people of various faiths, and clearly designed to breed hatred among the uninformed:

September 18, 2001
“Hell, you can find worse things in the bible, about the Christian God. … Religions should be outlawed worldwide for fucks sake. It’s idiocy whatever name it has. … There is no god, no souls, and no life after death. Any intelligent human being should know that.”

While supporting American extremists who commit violent acts, Zerpe hides behind his computer in Sweden, harassing parishioners of the Church of Scientology by “obtaining” their private emails and posting them to hate newsgroups.

Zerpe has voiced his hatred for America numerous times in hate newsgroups. His response to the September 11th terrorist attacks in the U.S. was:

September 18, 2001
“It’s about time some killing happen in america, we are sick of seeing it happening to only us.”