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When a woman in her 50’s grows tired of her marriage and leaves her husband because some strangers she met over the internet promise her an exciting new life, then a reasonable- sounding cover story can be expected. Especially when her escapade doesn’t work out the way she hoped.

On July 20, 2000, Tory Christman abandoned her husband of 25-years and fled to Florida lingering for months with people she had met on a newsgroup.

Like the “runaway bride,” Christman isn’t the first woman to suddenly desert her family in order to explain her bizarre behavior. However, she too found it more expedient to paint herself as a victim rather than accept any personal responsibility for her actions. The truth wasn’t likely to get her a favorable divorce settlement or garner the kind of media attention she hoped would be part of her exciting and lucrative new life. So Tory Christman lied – to her internet friends, the tabloids, and anyone who would listen, because she knew the truth wouldn’t make a sympathetic news story.

So what actually happened on that 20th of July? Christman’s husband was out of town on a business trip earning money to pay the household bills – among them the credit card purchases his wife was ringing up on the “Home Shopping Network” (not Church donations as Christman often claims, to bolster her image as a victim). Christman had been planning her escapade to Florida in secret. An anti-religious extremist, appealing to her naiveté, had been working her over, luring her away from her religion and her husband, in the hope that a Florida “vacation” could be publicized as a Church defection and somehow aid the antireligious cause. Prior to this, the extremists had only known Christman by her anonymous online identity. They had no idea they were recruiting a bored housewife.

Christman waited until her husband was out of town, then, with promises that included first class airline tickets and luxury accommodations, she got on a plane and left. Christman never consulted her husband nor did she communicate a hint of her intention to leave him, but leave him she did. When her husband reached her by phone she told him she was going away for a few days to relax with some new friends, lying to him about her true destination – an obvious fiction which left him panicked for her unusual story. When he managed to figure out where she was going, he discovered that her connecting flight would put her near where he was and rushed to the airport to meet her. Despite his pleas to her for the two of them to take some time by themselves to talk things out, she threatened him with a call to the police and told him not to get on that flight. He managed to determine her final destination in Florida and bought a ticket and took the next flight. Upon his arrival the husband went to the hotel room, that had been prearranged for her, to try to communicate with his wife, but again he was ordered to leave and threatened by her with calls to security. Instead, she opted for the company of a stranger in her hotel room.

Christman dismisses this act of desertion as incidentally as if she’d gone to get her glasses out of the next room. Here her husband had flown halfway across the country to try to save his marriage and she refused to even speak with him. Christman continued to refuse any contact with her husband except for a vague mention of a phone call at some indefinite future date. And so, having been coldly cut off and threatened with the intervention of civil authorities, her husband returned home.

Within a few days a long time friend of the family traveled across country to try to help patch things up and salvage the 25-year marriage. After some extraordinary efforts on his part, Christman agreed to meet with him. At the meeting she solicited his help in “letting her husband down easy”. She said:

“I have been carrying him for years and he’ll never be a success. It’s over between us.”

Christman then told her friend that she should have married him instead of her husband.

Later on she finally called her husband. He implored her to consider his offer to go away with him, just the two of them, and reconcile their relationship. She refused and remained in Florida for months going to parties, being wined and dined by her Internet friends and sticking her husband with credit card bills whenever she couldn’t get someone else to pick up the tab.

At one of the parties, a new Internet friend meeting Christman for the first time had this to say about her:

“There’s something innately dishonest there but it’s combined with a nutty quality AND she’s somewhat man hungry.”

Christman continued to put her husband off, finally returning home months later when the gravy train derailed and she had maxed-out the credit cards. Despite Christman’s betrayal, her husband took care of all the bills she’d racked up. He continued to seek reconciliation until, after months of being turned away, he finally gave up, disillusioned and heartbroken because Chrisman insisted she wanted a divorce.

Now left to make her own way in the world, Christman seeks publicity by blaming her former religion for the breakup of her marriage and the fact that her friends of 30 years no longer wish to speak to her. This statement reveals, at best, a staggering naiveté for, after the way she treated her husband, this response from their mutual friends is far from surprising.

The following letter is written by Tory Christman’s exhusband, which gives an account of what really happened with his ex-wife.

March 8th, 2006

To Religious Freedom Watch: I was married to Tory Christman for 26 years. She left me in July 2000 while I was away on a business trip.

When I spoke to her the night of July 19, 2000, she said she was leaving for a while and would be home in a week or two. She lied repeatedly about where she was going, and refused to talk to me any further about what was going on. When I asked her why she was leaving, she told me to call our friends and they’d tell me what was happening. She said she had to go and hung up.

I called our friends and they told me that Tory was going to Florida and would be changing planes in Chicago the next morning. I drove to Chicago and stopped at my sister’s house. She said she’d had a long talk with Tory and Tory told her that she was leaving me, saying she was leaving Scientology and was unhappy with our relationship. Tory also told my mother, step-father and brother that she was leaving me, saying it was no big deal as we weren’t getting along anyway. (All this from a woman who told me two weeks earlier that I’d thrown her the best birthday party ever and that I was the most wonderful husband in the world.”)

I drove to the airport and met Tory as she was changing planes. I told her I’d cancelled the rest of the business trip and wanted to go to a resort and talk with her and find out what was going on. She told me she did not want to be a Scientologist anymore and that she was leaving the Church. I said, “Okay, you don’t have to be a Scientologist if you don’t want to, just don’t leave me. Let’s go away by ourselves.” She told me, “No way, my ticket is paid for, I have to go.” She then threatened to have me arrested if I “bothered” her again. I then told her I’d get a ticket and fly with her and we could talk. She repeated that she’d have me arrested if I didn’t leave her alone. I took a later flight to Florida and found her in an airport hotel.

I tried to talk to her again in private but she refused, saying she’d only talk to me in the presence of her new friends. She again threatened to call security if I insisted on talking with her away from her new friends. I took a room and invited her up for dinner and a movie. She said “maybe later” but she never called me.

The next day I called her to talk and she said she was sleeping and asked if I could bring her some toiletries. When I went to set them outside her room, the door of the next room opened and she was sitting on the bed talking to one of her new friends. She was in her night gown. She didn’t want to talk to me and she got angry when I questioned the motives of her new friends. I talked to her once more that night with her friends waiting in the next room.

After that night, she was out of touch for weeks. Whenever she called me she needed money and her epilepsy medicine, both of which I arranged for her. As a side note, Tory has complained to reporters that the Church ordered her to stop taking her medication. This is a complete fabrication. She wanted to quit taking the medicine because she didn’t like it, but she was never told to do so by the Church at any time since I’d met her in 1974. In fact, she was told by the Church and by a Scientologist doctor that it was not necessary for her to stop taking her medicine.

Several months later Tory called me saying she was going to move to Florida permanently and was coming home to pack. She wanted her car serviced so she could drive it cross country. When she finally arrived home, she showed up with her friend Nancy Many who helped her set up an inexpensive divorce agreement by recommending we utilize “We the People” – a business which does this. Tory made the appointment and she wanted me to be the petitioner, as she was going to move to Florida and it’d be easier for them to contact me.

After helping her pack for a month, she decided she wasn’t going to go. She thought we could live in the house and split the rent. I agreed to this in the hopes of repairing our marriage. But in the six months we lived under this arrangement, I never saw a dime from her. I covered all the rent, utilities, phone, food, etc. During this time she tried several jobs, but never made a go of it. I helped her and coached her and set up a financial plan for her, but to no avail.

She finally left permanently.

She now has been quoted a number of times over the years as saying I left her. It is time to put this lie to rest once and for all. She left me and our 26- year marriage with no notice at all and resisted all attempts to put our relationship back together. That is a truth she can never run away from no matter how far she goes.

Harold Bezazian

Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individuals who breed racism and anti-religious intolerance through hate speech. Should you observe anything illegal or peculiar from the extremists featured in this publication report them to your local authority.

Chuck Beatty

When Chuck Beatty “discovered” the internet he immediately hooked up with individuals whose objectives in life are to destroy society in order to create chaos. Some of these individuals are featured in this publication.

Beatty publicly posted the following statements which he said were written by someone he knew:

“I use the net for my work and one day I ran my name in Google and it was with shock that I found that my name was posted in a group…”

“I suspect Chuck Beatty, is the one who wrote about me for no apparent reason.

“I do not normally talk about other people but because Chuck is attacking former friends and people who sincerely tried to help him, for the safety of others, I feel I must warn some people about him.

“He was always in trouble for being involved in perverted sexual activities. Worse, he used to look at child pornography which he admitted to.”

David Touretzky

David Touretzky is a researcher in the Carnegie Mellon Computer Science (CMU) Department. Touretzky is deeply involved in extremist activities possibly sponsored by the president of his University. It must be presumed that Touretzky is paid full salary while he spends hours spreading hate on the internet, a fact that should be of concern the government that fund Touretzky’s considerable research grants, which amount to more than $5,000,000.00, producing, in our opinion, absolutely nothing worthwhile, yet he keeps asking for more money for his “research” on rats. In fact Touretzky admits that he is overpaid and it is to his advantage if taxes are raised by the Federal Government, he stated:

“My money comes mostly from the US govt, not corporations. So if we raise taxes and hike the NSF and NIH and DARPA budgets, that would be to my benefit. … I’m already overpaid.”

*NSF = National Science Foundation
*NIH = National Institute of Health
*DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

As a result, almost any evening Touretzky can be found using the resources and facilities of Carnegie Mellon University to preach his racist, bigoted views to anyone from his fellow fanatics to his unsuspecting students, while the taxpayers pay the bills.

As examples of the kind of the sick content he encourages anyone to view, one of these sites uses pornography to mock and desecrate religious practices while another provides detailed instructions on how to build a fertilizer bomb (the kind Timothy McVeigh copied off the internet and used to massacre men, women and children in Oklahoma City).

When called to account for his hate activities, Touretzky is quick to hide behind the banner of “free speech” – a specious argument at best when one considers that Touretzky’s entire anti-religious hate campaign is specifically designed to denigrate the beliefs of others and thereby inhibit their ability to practice their religion and speak freely about their beliefs.

One of Touretzky’s fellow newsgroup members proved this hypocrisy by posting to the internet information about Touretzky’s visits to a local sex shop and the purchases he makes there.

Did Touretzky respect her right to “free speech?” Of course not. On the contrary, he kicked up such a row that the Internet Service Providers in question took the sites down, regardless of the fact that they were violating that individual’s Constitutional rights.

Touretzky’s Own Words

David Touretzky is not a person who makes the occasional discriminatory remark out of ignorance. On the contrary, he is engaged in a dedicated attack on races and religions. Here are a few of his hate statements:

“The black underclass is a very, very sick culture, with terrible internal problems such as high rates of blackon- black murder, teenage pregnancy, educational failure, drug abuse, and so on. AA programs can’t help the black underclass, because those people are so screwed up they’re virtually unemployable….”

“Man, Hispanics are f—-ed up, which is why they’re still working class. Dipshits.”

“F–k the Muslims….. check out the bloody Muslims .. jeez what loons.”

A “chat” with David Touretzky

On February 28, 2005 at 4:49 p.m. Touretzky was advising someone to consult a deprogrammer, Steve Hassan, while working at Carnegie Mellon University on a federally funded project.

“David Touretzky: … If you want expert advice on how to help someone, then Steve Hassan is the guy for you. He counsels families of cult members. He’s published a couple of books on how to deal with friends/family members who have joined a cult…. Yes, he’s currently the #1 anti-cult guy in the country. He’s in the Boston area, but he’s very expensive.”

“[Name Deleted]: How much?

“David Touretzky: 30 minute phone consult is $100. I think is daily rate is $2500/day.”

Let’s now examine the #1 recommended expert Touretzky is referring to.

Steve Hassan

Steven Hassan has a quarter century history of violence, both directly and through his support of deprogrammers who kidnap and abduct individuals out of their religions.

By demonizing their beliefs through false accusations, Hassan creates a climate of fear and divisiveness within families which he then uses to his financial advantage, charging exorbitant sums to kidnap and physically abuse his targets.

One of Hassan’s deprogramming victims, AR, signed affidavits detailing the severe mental and physical abuse Hassan subjected him to during a deprogramming. AR was forcibly kidnapped, imprisoned, bound by his hands and feet, and deprived of sleep for days at a time. He was not allowed to shave or wash and was denied all privacy, even the simple dignity of urinating in private. Until AR’s escape seven days later, Hassan subjected AR to methods which AR later described as brainwashing and mind control techniques, even threatening to inject AR with a series of shots if AR did not recant his religious beliefs.

Another of Hassan’s victims, CK, signed an affidavit swearing that she was also held against her will by Hassan and his associates who confined her to a room without doorknobs and posted a guard to ensure that she could not escape.

Hassan participated in the attempted deprogramming of another victim, LS. Three men forced their way into a motel room where LS was visiting her sister, physically threw LS from the bed and threatened to break her leg if she called for help or attempted to escape. She was then forced into a car and taken to an isolated house in New Hampshire where, for eight days, her abductors tried to force her to read and listen to materials critical and abusive of her religious beliefs. Like AR, she was consistently harassed and ridiculed by her captors. After nine days of imprisonment, when the attempts of the first team of deprogrammers failed, Hassan was brought in to take over the attempt at faith breaking. After three days of further harassment from Hassan, LS was finally able to negotiate her release.

Hassan falsely presents himself as an “expert” on religions, basing his theories on the work of psychologist Margaret Singer whose theories have been rejected as unscientific by the American Psychological Association and by numerous U.S. Courts. In March of 1996, in the case of Kendall v. Kendall, the United States District Court for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts also rejected Hassan as an expert witness. Hassan’s testimony in this case shows that he was charging $200 per hour for preparation and $1,500 per day for his “expert testimony” on new religions, yet he had never testified in court before and his only qualification was a night school degree in an unrelated field. Far from being an “expert” and a “help” to families, Hassan’s goal is to destroy religion for profit.

Arnaldo Lerma

Arnaldo (Arnie) Lerma attacks religions, harasses and intimidates parishioners with hate mail. He is not an expert on religion. Religious groups are not the only targets of Lerma’s hatred. He is associated with what the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have both condemned: the Neo-Nazi movement of Willis Carto.

Nazi hunter Yaron Svoary, quoted in the Hartford Courant on November 7, 1994, said about Carto, “The most notorious Nazi in the world is not German but Willis Carto.”

Lerma has been on the Board of Policy of Liberty Lobby, an anti-Semitic organization founded by Carto. Carto turned over part of his archives to Lerma to continue his “legacy”.

Lerma is involved in anti-government militia groups, and is a contributor to the alt.conspiracy newsgroup.

Among the most notorious of his militia associates is William White, the PR mouthpiece of the Utopian Anarchy Party, an organization that targets government and law enforcement agencies. White has participated, at Lerma’s invitation, in hate demonstrations against Scientology.

White has a criminal record which includes arrests for battery and the carrying of a concealed weapon.

In January 2002, William White formalized his relationship with Willis Carto by entering into Carto’s paid employment. White’s willingness to “overlook” Carto’s neo-Nazi agenda in favor of a paying job, removes any last shred of credibility he may have enjoyed among like-minded anarchists. And, regardless of his weak denial, it also sheds further light on his true intentions and agenda toward minority races and religions. The only question remaining is whether Arnaldo Lerma, friend to both White and Carto, arranged this meeting in an attempt to bolster support within the anarchist and neo-Nazi movements.

In March 2005, after the murder of the husband and mother of a Federal Judge who had ordered a white supremacist group to stop using the name World Church of the Creator, White wrote on his website, “I don’t feel bad that Judge Lefkow’s family was murdered. In fact, when I heard the story I laughed.” These callous comments were reported in the Roanoke Times.

Robert Clark

Robert Clark, of York, Pennsylvania, has a considerable history of instigating hatred on the Internet. Writing under pseudonym he urged to firebomb Churches of Scientology. He wrote”

“Firebomb it, demolish it with a rented crane and ball, firebomb it again and then salt the ground so that nothing will ever grow there again. And then if you’re up for it, firebomb it again.”

Clark was not happy with his original instigating and continued his terrorist propaganda by to blow up those churches. When identified as the perpetrator of such a terrorist threat Clark lied about it to avoid prosecution.

In 1990, Clark was arrested for hacking into Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) computers. What a strange coincidence that CMU is where David Touretzky conducts his hate activities.

It was also discovered that Clark had illegally accessed computer systems at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He was charged with multiple counts of unlawful computer usage and theft of service.

Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individuals who breed racism and anti-religious intolerance through hate speech. Should you observe anything illegal or peculiar from any of the extremists featured in this publication report them to your local authority.

Why is David Touretzky so afraid of people actually successfully getting off drugs through the Narconon program?

Touretzky is a “cognitive research” professor who obtains federal funding for research projects by coming up with complicated sounding theories about the brain by study-ing rat behavior. For instance, here is a typical example of complex sounding Touretzky recount about one of his numerous worthless research projects:

“A pilot rat was run in late 2002, using a small white envelope as the polarizing cue. … and so in 2003 we re-ran the experiment using a large white FedEx envelope as the cue card. … The original rat was re-run using this card, and three new rats were also run … There were some technical difficulties: a problem with the video tracking system corrupted some of the position information, which has had to be corrected manually because the ex-isting software tools were not adequate. Also, some of the data was cut by inexperienced students and may have to be recut. However, a pre-liminary look at the cue card data suggests that rats are not remapping in response to the card. This may be because even the new card is not a sufficiently salient visual cue, or it could be that the seven days of training before the card was in-troduced “cemented” the attractor state so that it is more resistant to remapping than would be the case in naive rats.

“For the new rats, we introduced some additional steps in the experimental protocol. One step, piloted using the last rat, was to place a towel on the floor, of one of the two boxes, which produced no-ticeable behavioral changes (exploration and also lying down to sleep on the towel.) The towel also altered the rat’s auditory experience. Because he could not hear the food pellets fall, he foraged “blindly;” in con-trast, when the pellets fell on the brown paper, he could forage in a targeted way.”

To continue the above-mentioned experiment (watch a rat taking a nap on a towel and see if it could hear food falling on a towel or brown paper) Touretzky requested the U.S. Government give him $224,732 -this doesn’t include the previously wasted tax payers’ money on said experiment.

Essentially, Touretzky is getting paid to research the processes that go on in rat brains in order to ulti-mately come up with solutions to various “human” problems that we all face in society. Such problems include why a person feels he needs to use drugs and why people get addicted to drugs. Of course, since Narconon has a completely workable non-drug based method of safely getting people off drugs and restoring life to those who have been in the grip of addiction, Touretzky feels that Narconon is a threat to his continued government funding and thus must be destroyed. Touretzky fears that if peo-ple were aware of the great success that Narconon has in helping persons with addictions, there would be no real need for the government to continue to support him with further research grants. He might then have to go out into the job market and actually create something for the money he receives, some-thing that he has never done with all the years of research and millions of taxpayer money that he has wasted in studying rat brains.

Touretzky’s own words tell us that he gets no re-sults:

“Cognitive neuroscience assertions are tentative and constantly subject to rigorous experimental tests, which they sometimes fail, forcing the theo-ries to be revised.”

However, there is another reason for Touretzky’s opposition to Narconon. Various comments and assertions that Touretzky has made on chat groups show that he is bigoted against Afro-Americans, Mexicans, women, various religious groups and minorities such as persons suffering from drug abuse. One of the special targets of his hatred is Scientologists. He evidently feels that if Scientol-ogy helped enough people to do better in life and become individually more capable in dealing with their environment and helped them learn how to help others, they would use this newfound empow-erment to somehow harm him. Touretzky is sim-ply creating opposition. Scientologists have never suggested that they are out to destroy him. Touretzky feels that he must use various lies and distortions to continue to keep the truth about him-self from being brought to light. In this newsletter we will present the other side and state why Touretzky fights so hard to destroy drug addicts’ real hope of recovery through the Narconon pro-gram.

Touretzky sits in front of his computer at Carnegie Mellon University and directs his pawns to launch discriminatory campaigns against people of good-will who are doing something about the devastat-ing effects of drugs. He has never worked with drug addicts nor does he have the compassion to help them. He presents himself as an “expert” by exploiting his Ph.D in computer science and his position at Carnegie Mellon University, yet he has no credibility in any of the subject matters he “criticizes”. But that’s not all, he utilizes his com-puter skills to locate and view websites containing child pornography and other vile contents.

Is Touretzky into kiddie porn? You decide.

The following statements made by David Touretzky in a chat room show that he has been visiting child porn websites while he was suppos-edly “working” at Carnegie Mellon University while supported by federal grants.

“Tons of posts advertising porno: … look like “13 yr/old with teeny tits”, and so forth. It’s KIDDIE PORN spam, not regular porn.

“The images at the web site front door contain some naked kiddies, but they’re not engaged in sex acts and the ones showing genitalia are closer to 18.”

“Guess what I found on the web 2 nights ago? Anorexic porn!

“Well the nice thing about this site is that these anorexic women are happy with their looks which is more than can be said for a lot of people.

“But the women on that page are willing to take their clothes off, which gives them one up on ol’ Calista.

“The women on that page are too skinny even for me but Calista still makes me hot.

“Anyway, that anorexic porn site is a *pay* site. It’s $14.95/month for the really hardcore stuff.”

“[I] like the concept of amputee porn. Makes the women feel good about themselves.

“I do have this picture of a quadruple amputee with nice boobs. She’s looking straight at the camera, a smile on her face, calm, self-possessed. She’s do-ing fine.”

David Touretzky’s pawn

Barbara Graham is a San Diego resident acting as an agent for Touretzky to stir up Leona Valley resi-dents against Narconon. Being an alcoholic and drug user (her blood test will reveal her intoxica-tion) she most likely hates the idea of people get-ting off drugs. Both Touretzky and Graham are ob-sessed with Narconon’s success and are making the repeated mistake of lying about Narconon and they misinform Leona Valley residents about a subject matter they know nothing about. Recently, when Touretzky was confronted by one of his peers that his website contains false information and egregious comments about Narconon, he re-fused to correct those falsehoods.

What do Touretzky and Graham think of Leona Valley residents?

The following excerpted conversations took place between David Touretzky and Barbara Graham (photo) in a chat room on two separate occasions in May 2006. They were dis-cussing how to exploit the Leona Valley residents to create hate against Nar-conon supporters.

Barbara Graham: “Dave, what we need is a bus, bus all the Leona Valley people in and give them lunch.”

David Touretzky: “Give them all Ritalin.”

Barbara Graham: “Sherry said she’s not heard if ANY of them are planning on.”

David Touretzky: “Time to get on the phones then.”

Barbara Graham: “I don’t know anyone in Leona Valley SHE [Sherry] does.”

David Touretzky: “Maybe we can get the Antelope Valley News to run a new blurb.”

Barbara Graham: “I’m still working on handouts.”

David Touretzky: “Any other changes besides the time and that typo?”

Barbara Graham: “Noop.” …

Barbara Graham: “I still have no idea if ANYONE from Leona Valley is coming. Pisses me off.”

David Touretzky: “Call Sherry again?”

Barbara Graham: “We need to bus them in with promise of a free lunch.”

David Touretzky: “Strap a couple to the back of your bike and toss them French fries.”


David Touretzky: “Crap”.

In summary, recovering alcoholics and drug ad-dicts, as disabled persons under the American Dis-abilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Reha-bilitation Act, have the same rights and are entitled to the same benefits and use of land that a public entity has to offer to all of its citizens. These indi-viduals cannot be denied this right simply because of unspecified, generalized fears from the commu-nity that have no basis in fact, but are merely hypo-thetical or a result of stereotyping. Absent evidence that a specific individual poses a significant risk of a serious nature, a decision to deny Narconon the use of its land to recovering alcoholics or drug ad-dicts violates federal law.

That’s what David Touretzky is in fact attempting to do.

David Stuart Touretzky is employed by Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science Department, where he spends substantial time on CMU computers making racial slurs, anti-feminist comments and in-citing hatred against religious organizations. Claiming to be an expert in computer sci-ence, he utilizes that expertise to locate and view websites containing child pornography.

In this publication, you will find some quotes culled from Touretzky’s Internet chat room writings. They reveal a man who hides behind and abuses CMU’s policy on academic freedom and free speech, and loudly proclaims his First Amendment rights to extol bigotry, hatred and unrestrained racism against African Americans, Hispan-ics, Chinese and other ethnic groups.

As you will see from the quotes beneath, David Touretzky is not a person who makes the occasional discriminatory remark out of ignorance. Quite the contrary, he spends several hours a day on a hate chat room engaged in a dedicated attack on religions and races while “at work”.

CMU President, Jared Cohon, recently made the following statement when faced with yet other examples of religious hatred emanating from CMU:

“It pains me that we have stu-dents here who would conceive of and publish such a thing, who could possibly believe something like this was funny or ironic.”

Yet, salaried CMU faculty member, Touretzky nevertheless remains unfettered by CMU administration to utilize normal work hours to create hate on the internet and visit child pornography websites.

Child Pornography and Other Pornography

The following statements made by David Touretzky in a chat room show that he has been visiting child porn websites while he was supposedly “working” on Federal Grants projects from Carnegie Mellon University.

“Tons of posts advertising porno: the headers look like “13 yr/old with teeny tits”, and so forth. It’s KIDDIE PORN spam, not regular porn.

“The images at the web site front door contain some naked kiddies, but they’re not engaged in sex acts and the ones showing genitalia are closer to 18.”

“Guess what I found on the web 2 nights ago? Anorexic porn!

“Well the nice thing about this site is that these anorexic women are happy with their looks which is more than can be said for a lot of people.

“But the women on that page are willing to take their clothes off, which gives them one up on ol’ Calista.

“The women on that page are too skinny even for me but Calista still makes me hot.

“Anyway, that anorexic porn site is a *pay* site. It’s $14.95/month for the really hardcore stuff.”

“[I] like the concept of amputee porn. Makes the women feel good about themselves.

“I do have this picture of a quadruple amputee with nice boobs. She’s looking straight at the camera, a smile on her face, calm, self-possessed. She’s doing fine.”

Racial Slurs

Here are just a few of the racial slurs stated on the Internet by David Touretzky.

“The black underclass is a very, very sick culture, with terrible internal problems such as high rates of black-on-black murder, teenage pregnancy, educational failure, drug abuse, and so on. AA programs can’t help the black underclass, because those people are so screwed up they’re virtually unem-ployable.”

“[California State Senator Diane Watson] is the former ambassador to Micronesia! and she’s black. I should have known. What [sic] are all the really st00000pid congresswomen black?”

“Man, Hispanics are f—ed up, which is why they’re still working class. Dipshits.”

About Women

Here is some advice to all women from Touretzky, originated from a CMU com-puter:

“I believe that since the physical risks of pregnancy are borne solely by the woman, and the decision to abort or continue a pregnancy is solely up to the woman, then the responsibility for contraception should also be solely the woman’s. Men who want to be nice guys can help out by wearing a condom or reminding their girlfriend to take her pill every day or whatever, but that is optional behavior. Since modern women don’t want to be viewed as frail little baby factories who have to be specially protected by a ruling patriarchy, but prefer to be treated as responsible adults, they should stand up and take their medicine like an adult. If they want sole control of their reproductive equipment, then they must accept sole responsibility for its use.”


Touretzky has espoused on the Internet a so-lution to all those annoying children that seem to get underfoot:

“I’m for post-partum abortion! Retro-active abortion! Up until, say, the age of six months.”

Bomb Making Instructions for Budding Terrorists

In 2002, the U.S. government shut down an anarchist website because it contained detailed instructions for making bombs. In 2003, the site’s owner, a California teenager was convicted for using his site to distribute bomb-making instructions.

Before the site was removed, however, David Touretzky copied and re-posted a complete copy of the site and all of the bomb-making instructions on Carnegie Mellon University’s computer system. He claimed that the government’s suppression of these instructions permitting terrorists to make bombs violates free speech.

In 2004, after the Citizens for Government Waste published an article exposing Touretzky’s bomb making instructions, he moved the site to a private host, but it is still linked from Touretzky’s Carnegie Mellon University page under the heading “What the FBI doesn’t want you to see.” The “you” in that statement is obviously underprivileged terrorists who without Touretzky’s aid would be unable to manufacture devices to kill civilians.

The following statement is from his site following the step-by-step directions for making a “draino bomb,” including helpful advice from educator Touretzky to the neophyte terrorist:

“…Take this mixture to a cop car and drop it in the gas tank. Run like hell. In about ten minutes the car will explode like in the movies. However, if you are at a demonstration, there are always people around. It is not safe to assume that your comrades or innocent bystanders won’t be near the car. You don’t want to hurt anyone that you don’t intend to hurt. Be f—ing careful!”

Touretzky also posted exact step-by-step instructions for making a fertilizer bomb, the same kind of bomb used by Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Oklahoma City Federal Building. A “brilliant” CMU researcher must know (but not care) that McVeigh used the same bomb instructions.

It is ironic that Touretzky’s website is sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University. In 2002, CMU received a $35 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to research ways and means to reduce the threat of cyber-terrorism. It should have saved some of the money and pulled the plug on the computer given to Touretzky.

Why is he here?

Touretzky brings “research” grants toCarnegie Mellon University. As he stated:

“My money comes mostly from the US govt,not corporations. So if we raise taxes andhike the NSF and NIH and DARPA budgets,that would be to my benefit. I’m sure theuniversity gets corporate contributions, butthey don’t share that money with me….

“…I’m already overpaid.”

*NSF = National Science Foundation *NIH = National Institute of Health *DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individu-als who breed racism and anti-religious intolerance through hate speech.

As the world moves into the 21st Century there is a strong need to promote tolerance, human rights, non-discrimination and religious freedom as expressed in the universal declaration of human rights.

As a matter of religious conviction, members of the Church of Scientology fully support human rights. Unfortunately there are still those in any society who fear others improving themselves or possibly becoming more powerful and are therefore diametrically opposed to any betterment activity and can’t countenance a tolerant approach to human relations. Instead, under various guises, they put out a steady stream of hate filled lies, half truths and propaganda slanted toward the ultimate destruction of some targeted race or religious group, often in the name of “patriot” or some other high sounding cause. While leading pitiful lives themselves, they are yet dangerous because of the hatred that they create in a society through a steady stream of defamatory hate propaganda and lies.

Intolerant authoritarians create hate against targeted minorities and have spread prejudice throughout man’s history. Today this is frequently done through the Internet as an instantaneous way to reach like-minded extremists and gullible, not-too-bright individuals inclined to be taken in by fanaticism and prejudice. It does not take a brave individual to hide behind a computer with an Internet connection and spew vitriol without ever having to face a real human being and worry about the consequences of making derogatory slurs to his face. The subject of this publication is one such self-anointed “patriot” named Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma, whose specialty is hiding in his house in Arlington, Virginia and posting derogatory messages and putting up web pages with fanatic slurs against Scientology and Scientologists and sending out unsolicited postcards containing defamatory anti Scientology rants in hopes he will create enough prejudice to destroy Scientologists’ right to freely practice their religion in peace. On the surface and in his postings and web pages on the Internet, Lerma holds himself out to be a bad-ass freedom fighter. In truth he lives in such fear of Scientologists that his life is dominated by a belief that he must destroy Scientology and its members before they get him. No Scientologist has ever said or intimated that they are out to destroy Lerma. It is a figment of the delusion he lives in which has caused him to become such a physical and mental wreck that he infrequently goes out of his house, can’t trust any new person (for fear that they are a Scientologist) and routinely and falsely accuses anyone who is critical of him of working for the Church. He sees a Scientologist behind every bush.


Like any fanatic anti religious extremist, Lerma associates with other similarly minded individuals who tend to confirm his own distorted, paranoid view of the world. For “public relations” purposes Lerma has denied his long-term close association with Neo-Nazi Willis Carto. However, there is much evidence to the contrary that conclusively lays bare Lerma’s longtime support of Mr. Carto and his anti-Semitic and anti- Scientology prejudice. Lerma was a member of the Board of Policy of Carto’s anti-Semitic and anti- Scientology mouthpiece The Spotlight and he spoke at the The Spotlight – Liberty Lobby National Convention. Lerma also assisted with articles in The Spotlight until its closing in 2001.

Lerma supports and defends the Neo-Nazi movement of Willis Carto. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have both condemned this group. Nazi hunter Yaron Svoary, quoted in the Hartford Courant on November 7, 1994, said about Carto:

“The most notorious Nazi in the world is not German but Willis Carto.”

Lerma tries to keep quiet his connection to Carto and his racist organization, as demonstrated by this extract from an email Lerma sent to an associate:

“I was asked to speak at the 40th anniversary convention of Liberty Lobby… I suggest that we don’t promote my relationship with Willis Carto … We have the full support of Willis Carto, and the ‘patriot’ movement in the United States.”

Many people will remember Willis Carto for issuing the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) $50,000 reward if anyone could offer proof that the Jews had been gassed at Auschwitz. Lerma published this unique public relations spin in defense of Carto and his bizarre theories:

“Carto’s Institute for Historical Review had just held its first international revisionist conference, at which it posted a $50,000 reward for proof that Jews had been gassed at Auschwitz. This offer was made in light of the fact that standards of proof for murder at the Nuremberg military tribunals do not meet non-wartime standards. The IHR basically wanted proof that would pass review in a peacetime criminal court of law. Although those who challenged the IHR won legal successes, the IHR won the moral victory. For this its founder, Willis Carto, was and continues to be vilified by fanatics.”

Bemoaning the demise of The Spotlight, the nation’s leading anti-Semitic newspaper, Lerma reported:

“Thus, the IHR came to be publicly referred to as ‘the spine of the international Holocaust denial movement.’ Of course, a steadfast deprivation of trust on multiple fronts can predictably result in loss of status, money, privileges and liberties previously enjoyed. Although Carto’s integrity as a journalist kept him basically intact, he and the many people who benefited from his speciality (sic) news over the years lost a source of inspiration.”

Whereas Lerma has tried to deny that he is completely in league with Carto, investigation has revealed that Mr. Carto gave numerous boxes of files and documents – his personal anti-Semitic and anti-Scientology hate propaganda files – to Lerma, some of which he made available on the Internet purporting it to be “truth” in order to defame Scientology and Scientologists. Further information regarding Lerma’s associate Willis Carto, can be obtained in abundance from the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. For information about Lerma and Carto’s Neo- Nazi, racist, and anti-Semitic and anti-Scientology hate propaganda see

Lerma’s Stint Posing as a Scientologist

Mr. Lerma embellishes his stint as an on again off again Scientologist and his short-lived career as a staff member of the Church in order to make himself appear to be more important and knowledgeable. This is a pattern that he developed early on of using the good name and reputation of Scientology to try and gain some personal advantage for himself. However, the facts are much different than Lerma’s own portrayal of his time as a Scientologist and staff member of the Church. For example:

A Scientologist is expected to act ethically and within the laws of the land, yet after he supposedly became a member, Lerma was found to be engaging in behavior unbeknownst to fellow Church members which lead to his be being arrested for possession of narcotics. He was also involved in stealing cars. Despite being given a chance and signing a statement that he would not continue to engage in taking drugs, Lerma simply lied and was caught several more times for continuing to smoke marijuana.

Although Lerma claims to have held positions of responsibility in his staff positions within the Church, he carefully leaves out how he went AWOL from his staff position on multiple occasions and went back to taking such drugs as LSD, marijuana, bella donna, hash, opium, thorazine and Freoa and selling small amounts. His actions were so contrary to the ethical standards of the Church that he was excommunicated, but Lerma again managed to worm his way back into the Church by conning those in charge with assurances of his good intentions. Lerma was eventually accepted back and given the chance to rehabilitate himself , which he of course didn’t do and once again departed.

Hate Speech

Although Lerma portrays himself as a champion of free speech frequently making reference to, “I’d prefer to die speaking my mind that live fearing to speak,” in his hate filled fanatical writings on the internet, when it comes to other’s right to free speech, Lerma has zero tolerance for the opinions of others if they differ from his own. Despite his assertions, as soon as anyone speaks favorably toward Scientology, or mentions how it has helped them or others, Lerma immediately verbally attacks them. He harasses and tries to intimidate them with unsolicited hate mail. He also runs an underground anti Scientology hate channel on the internet where a cell of his extremists gather to plan deluded acts of mindless destruction against the Church of Scientology and its parishioners. They pat each other on the back for their fruitless attempts to destroy the good that Scientology is doing while they pretend to each other that they are stopping what has become a rapidly expanding global religion. Because Lerma cannot create anything and can only destroy – particularly those who are doing their best to help others – Lerma cannot tolerate anyone who espouses tolerance. Thus if you are on the chat group that he controls and you say anything favorable about Scientology or do not express hate toward Scientology to Lerma’s satisfaction, he will immediate kick you off and ban you from the chat channel so as to destroy your freedom of speech. Too cowardly to debate in full public view, Lerma uses authoritarian means to destroy freedom of speech of others and while trying to destroy freedom of religion for Scientologists.

In furtherance of a black campaign to create hate and intolerance toward Scientologists, Lerma has organized and participated in hate demonstrations – some of which have been known to become violent. Although he professes his innocence, some of the hate demonstrations that Lerma has organized attracted various Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and Anarchists.

One of these Lerma associates who showed up for one such hate demonstration was William White, founder and spokesperson for the Utopian Anarchist Party, the leading US anarchist organization that seeks to destroy governments and create havoc for law enforcement agencies in order to prevent then from doing their jobs.

Conspiring to join forces, Lerma and White worked together to orchestrate anti-Scientology hate demonstrations. Of note is that White has a criminal record which includes arrests for battery and the carrying of a concealed weapon. White has, like Lerma, also contributed articles to Willis Carto’s anti-Semitic and anti- Scientology publications. In January 2002, White formalized his relationship with Willis Carto by entering into Carto’s paid employment. This announcement was made on White’s webpage with the following statement:

“I met Willis Carto today. Nice guy, a little wacky, but mostly pretty intelligent and pleasant. Definitely has a Hitler thing, but I can overlook that…

“…We reached a deal where I will begin writing 750- word pieces for his latest publication…

“There may be some who wonder if my acceptance of this deal represents a great ideological change, but it doesn’t. I will be choosing my own topics for writing, and the bottom line is that he offered me pretty good money to write ‘em…”

White’s alignment with Lerma and their association with Carto’s Neo-Nazi agenda sheds further light on the true intention behind Lerma’s extremist intolerant propaganda to destroy a religion like Scientology, which helps millions of people on a daily basis. It is evidently based on a deep seated fear that Scientologists may find out and expose what they are really up to.

Lerma is not being incorrectly maligned. There is no excuse for aligning with someone, like White, who in March 2005, after the murder of the husband and mother of a Federal Judge who had ordered a white supremacist group to stop using the name World Church of the Creator, wrote on his website, “I don’t feel bad that Judge Lefkow’s family was murdered. In fact, when I heard the story I laughed.” This is exactly what White did. These callous comments were reported in the Roanoke Times: White Supremacist Comments on Case.

Lerma’s Final Solution for Scientology

In his hate writings against the Church of Scientology, Lerma encourages other anti-Scientology fanatics with these words

“…we must continue our work until done and then sow the ground with salt.”

This is a reference to the manner in which the Roman Legions massacred the Carthaginians, demolished their city and harbor, and then sowed the ground with salt so that nothing would grow on their lands again. Left unopposed to his own devices and given enough wherewithal this is the future that Lerma plans for any Scientologist simply on the basis of their religious beliefs.

As defenders of human liberty and the rights upon which this country was founded, we feel that the best disinfectant is the subject of exposure and thus have created Religious Freedom Watch. We hope that anyone who may feel swayed by some of the hate literature published by Mr. Lerma will look beyond the anti Scientology clichés and created misunderstanding about Scientology and its beliefs and practices and not get caught up in forwarding intolerance and prejudice.

Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individuals who breed racism and anti-religious intolerance through hate speech. Should you observe anything illegal or peculiar from the extremists featured in this publication report them to your local authority.

Jeffrey (Jeff) Jacobsen presents himself as an “expert” on religion; his expertise however, manifests itself in attacks on religious groups and their parishioners.

Jacobsen has labeled several churches, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as “cults.”

Jacobsen regularly associates with convicted criminals or hate mongers. Among his close friends are Keith Henson convicted for a hate crime, Rick Ross -a jewel thief and kidnapper, Fredric Rice who makes bomb-making information available on his website, Rob Clark who made bomb threats against Scientology and who was also arrested for hacking into sensitive government computers, and David Touretzky, a racist, who also hosts detailed bomb-making instructions on his website. (In the above photo Jacobsen is portraying himself as a doctor at a hate march).

Jacobsen supports violence-most of the hate-marches he has organized against members of the Scientology religion are designed to stalk the parishioners of the Church, take their license plates, video-tape them coming in and out of the Church, photograph them and post their photographs on the Internet. These and numerous other forms of hatred are spread by Jacobsen and his hate-monger group.

Jacobsen Computers Used by Child Murderer

An individual who routinely uses the internet as a tool of intimidation is not likely to take measures to protect the public from other types of internet predators, even where the safety of children is concerned.

Anti-religious extremist Jeff Jacobsen has stated that he manages the computer systems for his father’s two video stores in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Harlan Jacobsen makes his living from enterprises that exploit sex. He owns a string of “Singles” newspapers that advertise “escort services”. His Video Mania store alone includes a section that carries 2,000 to 3,000 pornographic films. Part of that store is a cybercafe; consisting of seven computers that are presumably among those Jeff Jacobsen claims to “manage.”

How well he manages them is a matter of debate since on April 17, 2005 it was revealed that a 41 year-old male customer repeatedly used those very computers to view child pornography, and make threats against children, in the weeks prior to kidnapping, raping and murdering an 8 year-old girl.

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