Karin Spaink Gets Some Press

In December 2004 Karin Spaink was featured in a UK newspaper article following the suicide of 19-year-old Sarah Cherry. Cherry took her own life after visiting internet suicide chat rooms and reading a book on how to commit suicide that Spaink describes as, “a good book, very useful.”

The articles says:

Spaink admitted she did provide suicide information to people, but said she felt no guilt at cases like Sarah Cherry’s. She said: “I do not promote suicide. If somebody asks me a question about how much of a certain drug is fatal, I will tell them if I know.”


The disturbing methods file on Spaink’s website details how to swallow drugs with alcohol, inhale, inject or ingest a range of lethal substances, and how to consume fatal parts of certain plants. Spaink defended her site by claiming a right to free speech.

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