Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jeff Jacobsen
Jeff Jacobsen

According to Jeff Jacobsen he is a small business manager in a family business. We have added a section to Religious Freedom Watch that will provide public records regarding this: The Jacobsen Family Limited Partnership.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Margaret Singer
Margaret Singer

Margaret Singer was a rabid member of the anti-religious movement. Despite the fact that her theories of so-called “cultic coercive persuasion” were discredited by her own profession she continued in her use of these outlandish theories to attack religions.

Our feature on her in the “False Experts?” section has been expanded: Margaret Bridget Singer

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Jeff Jacobsen
Jeff Jacobsen

Jeff Jacobsen’s “views” of religions:

Jeff Jacobsen: “Reminds me of the scene in Life of Brian ‘splitters!’ F—ing Judean People’s F—ing Front. Magoo! [Tory Christman]You HAVE to see the movie Life of Brian.”

Tory Christman: “Jeffie…why Jeff…I’ve never heard you say such things.”

Jeff Jacobsen: “It’s a Monty Python movie.”

Also added as a new page: Jeff Jacobsen’s “views” of religions:

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Deana Holmes
Deana Holmes

Here is a discussion about Deana Holmes a.k.a. Mirele or Mir by her friends:

Mark Plummer: “and with mir [Deana Holmes], I am plain sick of her … for me, it was when she called me a censor because I complained to newsguy about a post by Travis Sargent.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “I feel the same way…”

Mark Plummer: “Also, recently she blurted out “F–K YOU” to me when I asked her if she would be picketing anywhere I don’t need crap like that.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “Well, that is one of mir’s [Deana Holmes] standard responses. She has long been known to be abusive.”

Barbara Graham: “A bit sensitive that nobody is buying her lame excuse not to picket, eh?”

Mark Plummer: “Right.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “Kady, ptsc [Rob Clark] and charlotte are all three on her side.”

Jeff Jacobsen: “She doesn’t picket anymore?”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “She [referring to Deana Holmes] is lame. She did not mind taking money from mom [Ida Camburn].”

Jeff Jacobsen: “oh.”

Mark Plummer: “She has said she won’t.”

Barbara Graham: “Or tickets from Bob.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “and I have now heard from several sources that she only went to CW [Clearwater] in order to find a job with [name deleted] that is why she took the ticket from Bob that time. but [name deleted] was only interested in her being a secretary, if at all.”

Barbara Graham: “Well, I would not let my relatives dictate my activity. I think that’s just lame.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “Bullshit she is a Patty [Patricia Greenway] pom pom flunky as well.”

Barbara Graham: “heh”

Jeff Jacobsen: “If the family wants to raise $ on a web site then I’m glad they didn’t use mine ’cause I don’t like mixing $ and info.”

Mark Plummer: “Good. I wondered how mir’s [Deana Holmes] site became the “official” one.”

Jeff Jacobsen: “I know the answer… F–K YOU.”

Mark Plummer: “Hah haha hahaha that’s funny. Bunny’s [Elizabeth Ann Cox] comment is the one that made me laugh first then I saw Jeff’s [Jacobsen] comments so I am doubly laughing.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “She’s [referring to Deana Holmes] really rather pathetic and it must have been a blow to her ego that [name deleted] would only consider her as a secretary.”

This is now on a new page: Deana Holmes by her Friends

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Rick Ross
Rick Ross

The article on Rick Ross in the “False Experts?” section has been rewritten and greatly expanded.

Please see the new pages: Rick Ross And The “Ross Institute”

We also found a great site all about Rick Ross called Rick Ross – Guardian of the Truth or Garner of Attention?. We feel it merits a careful examination.

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Tory Christman
Tory Christman

Here is a conversation taken from a chat log where Tory Christman is soliciting hate postings against a Scientologist:

Tory Christman: “Hey: please make sure to post under the [name deleted] post, ok?”

Tory Christman: “Please post under the [name deleted], ok?”

[Name Deleted]: “Let me read it. Clark’s comments are inflammatory.”

Tory Christman: “…but please make a post about that.”

[Name Deleted]: “ok.”

Tory Christman: “Thanks.”

Tory Christman: “[Name deleted 2]…will you also make a short post under [name deleted]… if you can, please make a post, oK?”

[Name Deleted 2]: “k.”

Tory Christman: “thanks :).”

Arnie Lerma: “Hating Crime is not a Hate Crime.”

Tory Christman: “Oh Arnie…Hi :) please post under [name deleted], ok? Just say that…that’s a good point.”

Arnie Lerma: “Thats (c) ptsc.”

Tory Christman: “Who is ptsc?”

Arnie Lerma: “Rob Clark.”

Tory Christman: “I know ptsc is Rob Clark..but u said: thats’ ptsc” what is?”

Arnie Lerma: “Hating Crime is not a Hate Crime.”

Tory Christman: “Yeah..but post it under the [name deleted], OK?”

Arnie Lerma: “Posted Tory.”

Tory Christman: “Thanks Arnie!!! I love your post :))))).”

[Name Deleted]: “Just posted to the [name deleted] thread, Magoo [Tory Christman].”

Tory Christman: “Thanks!!! I loved your post too :)))). … Thanks to all who posted under the “[name deleted]” post.”

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Friday, February 18, 2005

David Touretzky
David Touretzky
Tory Christman
Tory Christman

Here is more intercourse between David Touretzky and Tory Christman:

Tory Christman: “Say HI dst [David Touretzky]..so I know u are here :)”

David Touretzky: “Hello Tory my love!”

Tory Christman: “Thank you!! Hi dst :)))”

David Touretzky: “Watchoo need, girl?”

Tory Christman: “Are you playing with the rats tonight?”

David Touretzky: “I should be.”

Tory Christman: “Nothing darlin..just sayin hi to you…”

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You may recall that not long ago we noted the following statement made by Patricia Greenway:

Patricia Greenway: “I’m waiting for ‘lesbian pics’ of me with Ursula Caberta to come out from Leipzig.”

At that time we showed a single picture. Now there are more available on Religious Freedom Watch.

Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig

Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in LeipzigPatricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig
Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in LeipzigPatricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig
Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in LeipzigPatricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig
Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Dave Bird
Dave Bird

How reliable is data provided byDave Bird? Let’s see what his friends have to say about him:

[Name Deleted]: “98% of what is on ARS is just rehashed old stuff talked about over and over again”.

Deana Holmes: “Like Dave Bird?”

Stephen Sheehan: “Yes, he does that.”

Kady O’Malley: “Dave Bird is so in my killfile and has been for years and will never escape.”

New page: What David Bird’s friends think of him

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Andreas Heldal-Lund
Andreas Heldal-Lund

Andreas Heldal-Lund has announced in his favorite hate newsgroup the latest vendetta against the Church of Scientology and its members.

Heldal-Lund claims that a Norwegian “newspaper” published a 4-page article about him and his “fight” against the Scientology religion. When the RFW correspondent looked into this Norwegian “newspaper” it is found that it is nothing less than a local joke.

Heldal-Lund claims all sort of things have been done to him, but he carefully omits how he continuously harasses members of a religion.

In essence the sole purpose of the article is revenge because members of the Church of Scientology dared to report to the Stavanger Police the outrageous death threats hosted by Heldal-Lund. It was thanks to the Stavanger Police intervention that Heldal-Lund removed those death threats which he had been proudly displaying on his website, though he still refuses to remove other threats including one that list out details on how to assassinate a member of the Church.

Perhaps Heldal-Lund is upset over the photograph showing his arrest by the Norwegian police, maybe there are other reasons, but parishioners will not be silenced by Heldal-Lund’s attempt to intimidate them with a smear campaign if they speak up against him.

New page: Vendetta appears to be Heldal-Lund’s modus operandi

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Arnie Lerma
Arnie Lerma

Arnie Lerma – by his friends:.

Rob Clark: “Arnie’s [Lerma] unfortunately nutz. He actually posted that psycho shit again.”

Patricia Greenway: “He DID?”

Rob Clark: “You know, if I posted something like that I would be mighty embarrassed when I woke up, sober again. Cause it would take some pretty powerful drugs and booze to get psycho enough to write a crazy piece of shit like that.”

Patricia Greenway: “Oh my god, he has no shame. Well, that’s life in George Orwell’s Animal House.”

Rob Clark: “Arnie is so whacked-out he can write a nutty piece of shit like that and then, months later, post it again, completely unaware that he’s crazier than Dorian.”

Also added as a new page: Lerma’s Supporters (continued)

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Tanya Durni Lennox
Tanya Durni Lennox

A new page has been added forTanya Durni Lennox. She is introduced to you by her peers.

New page: Tanya Durni Lennox – as described by her peers.

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David Touretzky
David Touretzky

We now have examples of howDavid Touretzky refers to members of the media.

New pages: David Touretzky and the media
David Touretzky and the media – continued
David Touretzky and the media – continued

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The following statement was made by Patricia Greenway:


Patricia Greenway: “I’m waiting for ‘lesbian pics’ of me with Ursula Caberta to come out from Leipzig.”


Here is the picture of Greenway and Caberta in Leipzig:


Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig
Patricia Greenway and Ursula Caberta

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander

According to Infoplease a Deadbeat Dad is a “a father who neglects his responsibilities as a parent, esp. one who does not pay child support to his estranged wife.”.

According to documents that RFW has now made available, Peter Alexander is over $50,000 in arrears on his child support payments.

See the new page: Peter Alexander – Child Support In Arrears

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David Touretzky
David Touretzky
Tory Christman
Tory Christman

David Touretzky and Tory Christman seem to have a very close relationship as the following interchange suggests:

Tory Christman: “Hey hey…a few night owls still up.”

David Touretzky: “Tory darling sweetie baby”

Tory Christman: “Hi honey. Tonight is the first night I am allllllllllllllll alone here….. Mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwww.”

David Touretzky: “Now you have me to cuddle with.”

Tory Christman: “Thank goodness!”

David Touretzky: “Not much of an improvement, I know.”

Tory Christman: “Don’t post any of this please…”

David Touretzky: “I won’t post anything.”

Tory Christman: “Thank you…I hope so….”

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David Touretzky
David Touretzky

It is probably unnecessary to say much about the sort of person who would make the following comment:

David Touretzky: “I like the concept of amputee porn. Makes the women feel good about themselves.”

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David Touretzky
David Touretzky

This weblog began as a means of exposing online conversations between anti-religious extremists. The idea was to show their true attitudes and beliefs. One person who has consistently demonstrated his bigotry in religious, racial and other fields is David Touretzky. Some time ago we posted his comments which we consider express a bigoted view of women and African-Americans. Touretzky apparently saw our post and had the following to say:

David Touretzky: ” they republished a long rant of mine about how women should have sole responsibility for conception … a rant which was very well worded, and which I’m rather proud of now that they reminded me of it. There’s also a long rant about the sickness of black underclass culture, which again, I completely stand behind.”

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ford Greene
Ford Greene

A new page has been added to the “False Experts?” section for Ford Greene. In an article published by the Marin Independent Journal, Greene admits having been involved in deprogramming people including his own sister.

New page on Ford Greene

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