Subject: The CW Papers -3 [text]
Date: 09 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT

The Kevin's Files

Subj: Re: [civd] early Sat picket
Date: 98-11-22 18:26:33 EST

> The Exile wrote:
>> I don't know what, if any, arrangements have been made for this.
>Please talk to the CPD about this. We have always had a wonderful
>relationship them and pulling stuff out of our hats like this isn't
>fair to them, imo. Unless, of course, that's been done, in which case -
>never mind :o

In my talks with the police we've discussed whether there will be side
events. I told them that our "group" is essentially an anarchy, so
there's no way I or anyone else could tell someone not to do
something. they realise that and, even though they'd like to know
what's up, they also understand our free speech rights. So I'd say if
any of you are planning anything, I'd give the police at least 12
hours' notice. I plan to do that if a certain thing I want to do works